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Boarding kennels in Morpeth  

Grange Villa Kennels is a well-established family business. Our boarding kennels are designed to offer the most comfortable and pleasant experience for your canine friend. From food to routine exercise, we will take care of everything.  

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Why choose Grange Villa Kennels?

  • Heated kennels
  • Daily exercise
  • Personal meals
  • Individual housing 
  • Comfortable bed 
  • Exercised twice a day 
  • Accommodative of special diets and medications
  • Annually licensed kennel 
  • Reasonable rate of £12 per day  
All dogs require kennel cough vaccinations and should be up-to-date with other vaccinations as well. There is no limit to the period of stay. There is also a £1 per day insurance cost per pet (for the first 4 days, then £4 per week after that).     
pleasant experience

For a dependable boarding kennel in Morpeth, call Grange Villa Kennels on 
01670 790 936

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